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Bedsores are caused when a nursing home patient’s fragile skin and tissues are subjected to prolonged pressure. They are most commonly found on a patient’s back, head, ears, shoulders, hip, tailbone, heel, ankles, or knees. Left untreated, they may result in serious injuries, pain, infections, and other medical complications. The good news is that pressure sores are largely preventable. The bad news is that bedsores and pressure sores are common in nursing homes, often as a result of negligence by staff members. The Raleigh nursing home negligence attorneys at Maurer Law can guide your family through the process of seeking compensation for a loved one’s injuries related to pressure sores or bedsores.

Frequent repositioning is the key to avoiding or minimizing bedsores. Caregivers of immobile patients may greatly reduce the risk of pressure sores by lifting and repositioning the patient at regular intervals, elevating the head of the patient’s bed, using a specialized mattress, or protecting bony areas of a patient’s body with cushioning. When a nursing home’s staff is overburdened due to chronic overstaffing, or when employees are not adequately trained, proper care may not be administered, and a resident may develop bedsores or pressure sores. Lack of proper wound care may exacerbate the problem, and a minor pressure sore may worsen into a large ulcer that may penetrate deeply into the affected tissue, causing terrible pain and discomfort to the affected patient. Infections are also possible and may be life-threatening in some patients.

Seek Compensation for Bedsore Injuries

Nursing homes whose negligence results in bedsores or other physical injuries to a patient may be held liable in the civil court system of North Carolina, either directly or through a respondeat superior theory, under which an employer may be held vicariously liable for a worker’s harmful acts, including their negligence. The first step in seeking compensation is for the patient (or the patient’s family) to retain an attorney who can help build a case of negligence against the facility. At trial, the plaintiff in a negligence action must prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant owed a legal duty of care, that the duty was breached, that the plaintiff was harmed, and that there was proximate cause between the injuries and the breach of duty.

Nursing homes will fight very hard to avoid the negative publicity and financial fallout of a jury’s verdict against them. It takes a considerable amount of skill, dedication, and resources to prevail in a nursing home negligence action. To allow a nursing home attorney adequate time to investigate and prepare a case for trial, and to make sure that the statute of limitations filing deadline is met, a patient’s family should talk to an attorney as soon as they realize that their loved one may have been a victim of nursing home negligence.

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