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Bicyclists are considered motorists in North Carolina and they are subject to many of the same laws and rules of the road as the drivers and occupants of motor vehicles. However, because there is nothing to protect a cyclist from the impact of getting hit by a car or a truck, tossed off a bike and onto the road, or flung into oncoming traffic, their risk of suffering catastrophic injuries is much higher.

Charlotte bicycle injury lawyer Mike Maurer and his legal team at Maurer Law represent bicyclists and their families in helping them to recover the compensation they are owed by the negligent motorist or any other responsible parties. As a former insurance defense lawyer, and before that a police officer and detective, Attorney Maurer is familiar with the misconceptions and biases that some insurance adjusters and law enforcement may have when it comes to thinking it was the bicyclist’s fault. He is here to zealously and diligently fight for injured riders while protecting their right to financial recovery.

Making Sure Charlotte, NC Bicyclists Get a “Fair Shake” at Receiving Compensation

As an injured rider, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and other costs and losses from the liable party. If you are the family of someone of who was killed in a bicycle crash, you may be entitled to wrongful death damages including funeral or cremation expenses. In certain instances, there may be punitive damages.

Unfortunately, law enforcement, insurers, and the courts have been known to misunderstand how traffic laws apply to bicyclists, which can make it easy to place the blame on the rider. This is important to know because North Carolina is a contributory negligence state. This means that if the rider is found to have contributed in any way to causing the accident, they are not entitled to receive any personal injury compensation at all.

Attorney Maurer knows how to identify when such misinterpretations and biases are in play so that they don’t negatively impact the outcome of your claim. That said, even if you were partially responsible for causing the collision, there are exceptions to the contributory negligence rule, so don’t let that deter you from filing a Charlotte, NC bicycle accident claim.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Now On Your Side

Even if you don’t know who caused your crash —for example, you were injured in a hit and run collision and the driver was never found —Charlotte bicycle crash attorney Maurer may still be able to help you obtain financial recovery through your own Uninsured Motorist (UM) policy.

However, just because you are filing a claim with your insurer doesn’t mean that they will look out for your best interests. If anything, your insurance adjuster will likely try to delay, obfuscate, or deny your bicycle injury claim just like they would if they were representing the liable party.

Because of his past experience defending insurance companies, Attorney Maurer knows how to stop this from happening. In fact, making sure that victims’ claims get a fair shake is one of the reasons he left insurance law to become a North Carolina personal injury lawyer.

Representing Those Who Need Our Help the Most

Maurer Law represents bicycle injury victims of all ages and experience levels, from child bicyclists and teens —the ones most likely to be involved in a Charlotte bicycle crash —

to adult cyclists, including mountain bike riders, road bikers, commuter cyclists, as well as those hurt in e-bicycle accidents.

Using his past experience in law enforcement, Attorney Maurer always personally conducts his own investigation of the crash site. We can’t tell you how many times he has been able to secure a successful outcome for a client with a bicycle injury or wrongful death claim that might otherwise have been rejected because he was able to identify key errors and omissions in the police report.

At Maurer Law, we represent the people who need our help the most. Call us at 704-243-9292 for your free consultation or contact us online.

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