Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most of our clients come to us after being seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident of some sort in Raleigh or the surrounding areas. Typically, an insurance adjuster for the at fault party will call and want them to do all sorts of things. Among these things, the two most common are giving a “recorded statement” and signing various forms giving up rights they didn’t even know they had.

The 5 Main Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents We Handle

The injured folks don’t know what to do and they need advice on how to handle the insurance company. Most people have never had to hire any type of attorney before, let alone a Raleigh personal injury attorney. They really do not have to hire one now, but their instincts tell them that something just doesn’t seem right and they need someone to look after their interests.

While all cases have certain similarities, there are many differences in the laws that might apply to a given situation depending on what type of motor vehicle accident has occurred. We have broken down our website into the five most common types of accidents involving a motor vehicle in one way or another. Each of these types of accidents has its set of special rules that might apply.

Do I Even Need a Lawyer?

Whether or not you need a lawyer after your Raleigh motor vehicle wreck depends on many things. If you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender with minimal or no visible property damage and you were not injured, then you most likely do not need a lawyer.

On the other hand, if your injuries appear more serious, or if the accident involves substantial property damage, you would do well to at least consult with an attorney –– even if only for the purpose of learning your rights and responsibilities. Another good reason to consider getting an attorney on board is that personal injury cases can become quite complex, especially in a truck accident, for example, where there may be multiple parties who could be held responsible for causing your injuries.

You typically do not want to go it alone when you have a serious car wreck in the Raleigh-Durham area (or anywhere in NC for that matter). There are multiple issues to deal with and a mind-numbing number of pitfalls and traps to be avoided. An attorney can help you evaluate your situation and determine whether it would be worth it to pursue a formal claim. An attorney can help ensure that you receive the medical treatment you need and they can help negotiate reductions in your bills so that more of any settlement goes to you instead of expensive medical care. Most importantly, an attorney can help make sure that your claim is presented to the insurance company in a way that is designed to obtain the maximum value possible for your case, including money for future care that you may need.

If you do decide to consult with an attorney, you will want to find the best Raleigh area attorney you can find, someone who is not afraid to go the distance for you–all the way to trial. At Maurer Law, we do this and more. We try to take the burden off of our clients so that they can focus on getting better.

Let us handle the insurance company. Attorney Mike Maurer previously worked for insurance companies defending personal injury claims. If you or someone you know would like a free consultation to determine whether you have a viable claim, give Maurer Law a call today at 888-258-1087.

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