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Quick Settlement Big Win for Me

I would highly recommend Michael Maurer Jr. as an attorney. He is gifted, and a very proficient lawyer. He represented me in court and easily resolved my issue. He cares, he responds, and he gets results. This is the person you need to represent you.

A True Professional

While working on my case Mike Maurer kept me informed of all the details, He also answered all my questions in a way that I could understand what was going on. whenever I called him he answered in a timely manner and answered all my concerns.I would definitely recommend him to my family and freiends.

Very Intelligent, Knows the Law and always Accessible

Mr. Maurer was always there for me. He is very intelligent and always does the best and gets the most for his clients. He did a fabulous job for me. I highly recommend Mr. Maurer.

Experienced and Client-Focused

Attorney Maurer listened to my concerns, asked thoughtful questions, and prioritized the most important aspects of my case. He and his staff kept me informed and consulted me before making decisions. Working with Mr. Maurer was easy, and I trusted that he had my best interest in mind throughout the process.

Amanda, a Car Accident client
Car / Auto Accident

I was involved in a car accident back in 2012 that was not my fault. The other driver ran though the red light while I was making a left turn. I tried to avoid by speed up my turn but was unsuccessful. I was suffer from next pain and back pain. The other driver had Progressive Insurance. The Other party had full cover liability for the accident but refused to pay all of my damages. After being transferred many times by their customer service representatives, each one telling me I had been transferred to the wrong department, I became very agitated. After I was informed that Progressive would not pay for all of my damages. Instead they told me to sue the owner of the car. I quickly start to make a phone call to bunch of friends and they refer me to Attorney Michael David Maurer Jr. from there It was like a charm to me. So be warned policy holders, some of the insurance company is only there for themselves and they could care less if you get accident, hurt or damage. I guess they would rather get sue instead of pay for the damage, But then why even have insurance if they are not going to pay ?

Erick, a Car Accident client
Exceeded Expectations

They helped me get a settlement quickly and even though the other person didn’t have a lot if insurance they got me the max there was. i am very happy with the way they treated me.

Steven, a Car Accident client
Good Guy Mike

Thanks Mike you helped me more than you know!!! And kept me fully informed along the way. Ill definitely be referring you and returning in the future.

An Insurance client
One of the Best

I would like to thank Attorney Mike Maurer once again Me and my family was in a auto accident. This was my second accident cases with them unfortunately. I called Attorney Mike and The Trial Professionals and they did a outstanding job on our case. If you need a Lawyer Today Please call Attorney Mike. They will get you the medical help you need and the financial help. I can’t say enough about them, Also don’t hire a law firm just on the side alone. when you hire Attorney Mike Maurer you get a aggressive Board Certified Trial Attorney that will work for you. Thank you Attorney Mike Maurer God Bless.

Jerome Sr., a Car Accident client
Attorney Michael Maurer a Lawyer You Can Trust

Attorney Michael Maurer was there when I needed him. When I got in my car accident I didn’t know what to do. I hired Michael Maurer and they took care of everything. Getting me to the right doctor’s and he was always there when I needed him. They got the full settlement and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. His team is great and If I need an attorney again I’m calling attorney Michael Maurer.

David, a Car Accident client
I Made the Right Choice!

A friend of mine referred me to Attorney Michael Maurer and I am so glad she did. I felt very comfortable during our initial consultation. He understood what I was going through and was genuinely concerned. I did not feel rushed as I asked many questions and he addressed all my concerns and clearly explained the process. He was very accessible with a friendly staff and quickly responded to my calls. I was happy with the outcome of my case and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. It is rare to find such a blend of friendliness and professionalism such as this.

A Personal Injury client
Awesome Lawyer!! Best of the Best!

Mr. Maurer is the best attorney! I think it’s really important when somebody does their job well, to recognize it and share it with others. I hired Michael Maurer because I had heard wonderful reviews about him. He handled a case for a family member of mine and they couldn’t say enough good things about him. When I got in a car accident, I was badly injured and really upset. It was unfortunate that this happened, but at least I already had a name in mind if a situation like this ever happened to me. Mr. Maurer himself came to my house immediately and explained everything in detail to me so I could understand exactly what to expect for my case. He seemed genuinely concerned about my injuries and well being. And just the way he talked, I could tell he is really knowledgable and educated (which is important to me). I knew I made the right decision by calling him for my case. He took time out of his busy schedule and was always willing to speak to me if I had any questions or concerns about anything. AND he got me a lot of money for my case on top of it all. My insurance company was giving me some trouble, but he didn’t take no for an answer from them and fought and fought until he got me the compensation I deserved. I would recommend him to anybody I know and care about! Hopefully, I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, I’ll re-hire him in an instant.

Lindsay, a Personal Injury client
Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney …Great Communicator …Accessible …Hands On!

I was in a pretty horrific accident and not only was I in a great deal of pain, but a nervous wreck in dealing with the insurance companies who were pushing me to give statements and sign forms. I see all the commercials about attorneys and didn’t have any idea who was trustworthy and who wasn’t. A friend of mine who works for an insurance company called me to see how I was doing and said that I should contact Mr. Maurer who was a former insurance defense attorney and he would go to trial if that is what needed to happen. I made an appointment and he came out to see me. I wanted to make sure that I knew about the person that was representing me so I laid out a laundry list of questions about his education and work history, which he answered enthusiastically. He explained my options and what he would be doing as my attorney and told me that all I needed to be concerned with was taking care of myself and getting the medical care that I needed. After signing with him, I was contacted by his paralegal to introduce herself and she explained what her role would be in working with Mr. Maurer on my case. Since I was trying to work, go to therapy and doctors appointments, I couldn’t always make calls during the day about my case, so I would email them to Mr. Mauer and my paralegal at night when I got home and I always got a response the next day. Just as I expected, the insurance company involved had no intention of doing the right thing and their offers to settle weren’t the least bit reasonable considering my injuries, so Mr. Maurer recommended that we prepare to go to trial if the insurance company didn’t make a good faith effort to settle at Mediation. At Mediation, I think they saw that we were prepared and they began to take us seriously and their offers to settle started to be more realistic. We didn’t settle at Mediation, but just before trial, they came around and we settled. This was a really difficult time in my life and while it didn’t move quickly (I had months of therapy), he and his staff continually kept me informed on the progress of my case and answered any questions that I had. I highly recommend Mike Maurer!

Caroline, a Personal Injury client
An Appreciation for a Job Well Done!

As one does research for a personal attorney, look no further as Attorney Mike Maurer is tops on our list in Central Florida. Not only does Mr. Maurer posses the passion behind his work, he is responsive to your needs, concerns and personally he cares about his clientele. Mike has a work ethic that is unsurpassed when talking about the profession he is in. Unfortunately we needed Mike for an unforeseen accident and without his guidance and professionalism, we would have had more to deal with and an abundance of stress. Thank you Mr. Maurer for your advice, assistance and professionalism when in time of need.

A Personal Injury client
Amazing Lawyer

Mike took my case when everyone else said it was a loser. There was no insurance coverage to pay for my eye injury when some unknown person hit me in a bar. There was some exclusion in the bars insurance policy that said this type of thing is not covered. Mike took my case anyway because I had a real bad injury and am blind in that eye. He got creative and wrote a 10 pg demand letter that made the insurance company think real hard before denying my claim. They ended up paying me for my loss of vision in my left eye (but the settlement is confidential, so i cannot give more details). anyway, The insurance companies own lawyer told me to my face in mediation that I had an outstanding attorney who wrote an excellent demand letter. I see Mike’s other reviews and I agree with all of them, hire this guy, he’s a magician and this atty is very smart!

Jeremy - Jim, a Personal Injury client
Attorney Mike Maurer is an Experience Trial Lawyer

I would like to tell attorney Mike Thank You. I called attorney Mike after my old lawyer wasn’t able or experience to handle my case. The same day I let my old attorney go I called the Trial professionals I spoke to attorney mike he came to my home the same day. I explain my case to him he got me the medical treatment that I didn’t get. They may not be a large or big law firm BUT they stand up against the biggest insurane company for there clients. I didn’t have to go to court but they was ready and willing. We settle my case and I got the medical care that I need it and financial care. Attorney Mike Maurer is one of the Best attorney in the state of Florida. If you need a law firm call the Trial Professionals Today Iam glad I did great staff also.

Jerome, a Car Accident client
Highly Recommend–Thank You!!

Mr. Maurer is very respondant and was engaged in our case. He not only showed his enthusiasm in his job but worked extremely hard every step of the way. Thank you Mr. Maurer for exceeding our expectations financialy and being so supportive.

Timothy, a Personal Injury client
A Good One Got Away!

Im bummed. Just found out Michael no longer works at State Farm. He was handling my case and I was super excited about going to trail with him at my side. Now he is on the other side, I hear. Well, he will be awesome for my client. He’s very reliable and bright and good with people. i wish him the best.

Carol, a Car Accident client
Outstanding Trial Lawyer

Mr. Mauer tried my case in mid 2010 and did an outstanding job. We WON! He was well prepared and knew the case better than I did (and it was my case!!). He thinks quick on his feet and was able to handle with ease unusual issues that came up in the middle of trial. The jury really liked him. I know he works for an insurance company and can’t take referrals but I highly recommend him anyway!! I wrote letter to the CEO of Geico too!

A Litigation client
Core Values

Always answered my calls or promptly returned them if he was out. That seems to be a rarity these days with lawyers. He had a great trail record and was never afraid of going to trail. Opposing counsel knew that about him which likely led to larger settlement.

A Personal Injury client
Mr Maurer Represented Me to the Fullest

Mr Maurer represented me to the fullest. He was very trustworthy and responsible. I was very satisfied with the final outcome of case.

Claudia, an Insurance Fraud client

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