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Everything at Maurer Law revolves around the client. Our mission is to provide superb legal representation to those who put their trust in us after a serious personal injury or the death of a loved one. Working hand in hand with our clients every step of the way is the cornerstone of Maurer Law. If it means staying late or even visiting folks in their home on a weekend, we will be there.

We represent clients from all walks of life: from farmers to factory workers to police officers to medical and legal professionals. We have even represented insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys, their families, and their friends. Everyone deserves quality representation.

If you really want to know who we are as a firm, just take a look at our great reviews on sites like or Google. We are so grateful when our clients take the time to post a review about their experience with Maurer Law. These reviews tell our story better than we ever could ourselves.

We are not afraid of taking on difficult and complex cases and we are not hesitant to take such a case all the way to trial. We have consistently achieved outstanding results for clients in tough cases—some of which other attorneys had declined.

Although only a very small percentage of cases ever make it all the way to trial, we prepare each and every case as though it will. We never assume that the other side will “cave in” or settle at the last minute. We’re prepared for anything and the other side knows it. Often, this alone results in a favorable pre-trial settlement, or even settlement on the courthouse steps just before trial begins.

Most of our clients are not the “suing type” and we fully understand this. For those folks, it may provide some comfort in knowing that we too see litigation as a last resort. It is not always in the client’s best interest to be involved in drawn out litigation and we can appreciate this. In fact, we are able to settle the vast majority of cases without ever even having to file a lawsuit because of the way we handle our cases and the reputation we have established.

The founder of the firm, Mike Maurer, is not only a former police officer and detective, but he also previously worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies. In that role, he defended the very same types of cases he now handles for seriously injured clients. Mike is well aware of the arguments, strategies, and methods employed by the insurance companies to defeat or minimize perfectly legitimate personal injury claims, no matter how serious the injuries might be.

As much as you might not like it, it helps to understand that insurance companies, their adjusters, and their attorneys are only doing their job when they try to defeat or minimize your claim. Most do their job in a friendly and professional manner, but unfortunately, some are bent on making the process as difficult as possible no matter what.

You need someone who is experienced on the other side and who fights to keep the in check when they overstep their boundaries. Most importantly, you need someone who will fight just as tirelessly for your bottom line as they do to protect their bottom line. We are there to protect you.

Maurer Law accepts cases throughout North Carolina—and we have offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Fayetteville. There are no fees or costs unless we win, so clients can rest assured that they never have to pay us anything out of pocket. This helps us level the playing field for those who need it most. Give us a call today at 888-258-1087 for a free consultation.

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