Trucking Accidents

Insider Experience Can Help You Defeat the Truck Company’s Defense and Get Damages for Raleigh Truck Accident Injuries

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious truck accident is no easy task. Truck accidents frequently result in big injuries, often leaving the victim with expensive medical bills. Finding the right Raleigh truck accident attorney to represent you following major injuries in a truck crash can be overwhelming and exhausting.

There’s No Such Thing as a Simple Truck Accident

Many car accidents end in minor fender benders with no injuries. That’s rarely the case when a truck is involved. The massive size of most commercial vehicles typically translates into serious, sometimes complicated injuries. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after a truck accident is not easy either. Whenever a commercial vehicle is involved, you can expect a lot of extra red tape due to the following:

  • Hundreds of federal and state regulations overseeing the trucking industry
  • Multiple defendants and insurance companies
  • Big injuries demanding big compensation

An experienced truck accident attorney can help you navigate this sea of red tape, and will protect your rights against trucking company investigators interested only in shifting blame and denying you the compensation you may be entitled to.

Truck Company Investigators are not Your Friends

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you may already know that the trucking company is pushing hard to defend its driver and minimize your injuries. When a semi-truck, 18-wheeler or other commercial driver is involved in an accident in North Carolina, the trucking company wastes no time sending a team to the scene, sometimes arriving even before the police. However, you are not their priority.

Any representative from the trucking company is likely to conduct an investigation with the company’s bottom line in mind. This attitude can unfairly put you, the victim, on the defensive with an unsympathetic insurance adjuster questioning the legitimacy of your injuries. Going up against a large trucking company in hopes of getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries can be both overwhelming and frustrating. You don’t have to face this giant on your own.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers Know How the Defense Thinks

Mike Maurer knows the insurance business inside and out. He is uniquely skilled to represent you with his background working as an insurance company defense attorney and as a police detective. Knowing how insurance companies defend a case gives Maurer the upper edge in fighting against those very same defenses. When you’re ready to talk to an attorney who knows how to help victims’ hurt in truck accidents in Raleigh, give us a call at 888-258-1087 to set up your free consultation.

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