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In the last few years, electric scooters have started to appear all over Charlotte. This inexpensive mode of transportation that is faster than walking and touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to motor vehicles can be quickly activated for use via an App. However, getting hurt in an e-scooter accident can lead to serious injuries, especially if you were hit by a motor vehicle. The reason for this is as with bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists, there isn’t much to protect an electronic scooter rider from the impact of collision.

Seeing as the e-scooter industry is relatively new with just a few key players—Lime and Bird are the two most popular companies that offer this service, and now Spin—it is important that you work with someone like Charlotte Lime and Bird electric scooter accident lawyer Mike Maurer . He and his team at Maurer Law understand the still evolving laws involving this particular form of transportation, and they have the experience, skills, and knowledge to zealously and diligently protect your rights and fight for the compensation you are owed.

Not Much Protection, Serious Injuries

An e-scooter is a two-wheeled, battery powered, electric vehicle that has handlebars for the rider to hold onto and a floorboard to balance on. They are allowed to run at up to 15 mph and share the roads with semi-trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other vehicles moving at faster speeds.

According to North Carolina crash data, nearly three dozen people were hurt in e-scooter accidents in Raleigh and Charlotte between January 2018 and May 2019. While this may not sound like a lot of people, as we noted earlier, injuries from an e-scooter crash can be severe and may even include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, femur injuries, torn ligaments, or facial lacerations.

It doesn’t help that Lime and Bird typically don’t provide helmets with their e-scooters —

nor does state law require its riders, who must be over the age of 18, to wear helmets. Also, these motorized modes of transportation have been known to malfunction and many riders tend to be inexperienced at operating them. The latter point is especially important to note because North Carolina is a contributory negligence state.

This means that if the injured party is found to be even a little at fault in causing the e-scooter accident, receiving compensation is generally off the table. However, there are exceptions, which is yet another reason why you need to work with Charlotte Bird and Lime e-scooter accident injury lawyer Mike Maurer.

A Former Insurance Defense Lawyer and Police Detective Now On Your Side

As a former police officer and detective, Attorney Maurer always conducts his own investigation of the accident scene and all evidence. He knows how to identify mistakes made in police reports and find new evidence that might otherwise have been missed. Over the years, Maurer Law has helped many people obtain compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages they might otherwise have been denied.

Not only has Charlotte Lime and Bird e-scooter crash attorney Maruer spent years helping the injured get the compensation owed to them by negligent drivers and their auto insurers, but he also used to work as an insurance defense attorney representing those companies. He is familiar with tactics that insurers will use to try to minimize or deny perfectly legitimate claims and he knows how to stop that from happening.

Putting Our Clients First

At Maurer Law, we always place our clients’ best interests first. We make it our mission to work with the people who need our help the most. We have had successful outcomes with Charlotte personal injury cases that other lawyers have turned down because they thought they were too hard to win. To schedule your free, no obligation consultation, contact us online or call 704-243-9292.

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