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Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable when it comes to sustaining serious injuries in a North Carolina motor vehicle accident and the number of those killed continues to rise every year. According to the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV), Mecklenburg County reported the highest number of pedestrian fatalities with 37 deaths in 2018. For the children, teenagers, and adults who are lucky enough to survive this type of traffic accident, the injuries can be very serious and may include head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), paralysis, musculoskeletal injuries, organ damage, bone injuries, disfigurement, or permanent disability.

Led by Charlotte pedestrian injury lawyer Mike Maurer, we at Maurer Law are here to help victims and their loved ones in recovering the North Carolina personal injury or wrongful death compensation they are owed for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, permanent disabilities, other losses and costs, and, when applicable, punitive damages.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents:

North Carolina is one of the last remaining contributory negligence states in the US. This means that in order for someone to receive compensation for their injuries, they have to prove that they did not contribute in any way to causing the accident. That said, there are exceptions to this rule. Even if you or your loved one was partially responsible in causing your pedestrian accident, financial recovery may still be possible. This is just one of the reasons why you need Charlotte pedestrian injury attorney Maurer taking on your claim.

Former Police Officer and Insurance Lawyer Now Representing Pedestrian Accident Victims

Before representing the injured, Attorney Maurer was a police officer and detective who investigated many traffic crash scenes. He can tell if the investigation into your accident was incomplete or erroneous and he knows how to get those mistakes fixed. His knowledge and experience have, on many occasions, led to successful outcomes for traffic injury victims and their families whose cases might otherwise have been dismissed.

Attorney Maurer is also a former insurance defense lawyer. He is familiar with the many tactics insurers and their legal teams use to try to block or minimize a claim—especially when they think no one is there to protect you—and he can stop that from happening. This is one of the reasons why he decided to switch sides and zealously fight for injury victims.

Personalized Injury Representation While Protecting Your Right To Financial Recovery

It is important that you speak with an experienced Charlotte, NC pedestrian injury law firm as soon as possible. We know what needs to be done and we will get to work immediately to gather and preserve the necessary evidence to build a successful claim. However, if Attorney Maurer doesn’t think your case is viable, he will be candid with you and will explain exactly why this is his conclusion.

Maurer Law is known for taking on Charlotte pedestrian accident cases that other firms have turned down because they thought they were too hard to win. Over the years, we have reached favorable settlements in many of those cases, getting the victims and their families the compensation they are owed.

Our Clients Come First

At Maurer Law, our philosophy is that our clients come first. Should we agree to work together, our firm will devote our full attention and resources to your Charlotte pedestrian injury case. We work on contingency basis. This means that if we don’t obtain a financial recovery for you, we won’t get paid any legal fees. At no time ever will those fees come out of your own pocket.

Contact Maurer Law online or call 704-243-9292. We are now offering video and chat consultations and meetings. To find out what it’s like to work with us, read our testimonials.

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