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Premises Liability

If you or someone you love was seriously injured because there was a dangerous or unsafe condition on another person’s property, it is important that you speak with an experienced Charlotte premises liability law firm immediately. With this type of North Carolina injury case, conducting an immediate and proper investigation of the accident scene while the hazardous condition still exists is integral to proving negligence and winning your case.

At Maurer Law, Charlotte premises liability attorney Mike Maurer and his team have spent years zealously and diligently working with victims and their loved ones to recover the compensation they are owed because of the harm they’ve suffered on someone else’s property. We don’t shy away from difficult cases and we work with the people we believe need our help the most.

It’s Up to the Injured Party to Prove Negligence

In a North Carolina premises liability case, the burden is on the injured party to prove negligence. This is why you need a lawyer who knows how to show that:

  1. The property owner created the hazard that led to the injury accident.
  2. If the owner didn’t create the dangerous condition, then they should have known about it and taken steps to repair or remove it.
  3. If there wasn’t enough time to get rid of the hazard before the accident happened, then the premise owner should have provided adequate warning about the danger.

Property owners, homeowners, building landlords, and business owners are supposed to keep their premises safe and free from dangerous or other unsafe conditions. However, the extent of that duty of care may vary depending on the reason the person who was hurt was even on the property. For example, a trespasser will not be owed the same duty of care as other people.

Here Are Some of the More Common Types of Premises Liability Cases That Mauer Law Handles:

Dog Bites

Many injuries and deaths that occur in a premises liability accident could have been avoided if only the property owner had not been negligent.

Because North Carolina has a contributory negligence law, if the victim played even the slightest role in causing the injury accident, the property owner may be able to avoid paying any compensation. However, there are exceptions to this law. This is another reason why you need Charlotte premises liability attorney Mike Mauer working for you. He has the experience, skills, and knowledge to help you identify these exceptions so that you are not denied the financial recovery you need.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Now Representing the Injured

Unfortunately, there are property owners and their insurance adjusters that will reject an injured person’s claim or try to get them to settle for less. As a former insurance defense attorney, Charlotte, NC premises liability lawyer Mike Mauer is familiar with these tactics and he knows how to protect his clients and fight for their full financial recovery.

As a matter of fact, the delaying and obfuscating he saw while working for insurers is one of the main reasons he decided to switch sides. Attorney Maurer wanted to level the playing field and make sure that those who are injured get their fair shake. He and his team have obtained some extraordinary results for many clients. You can read about what some of them have to say by visiting our testimonials page.

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