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As Winston-Salem continues to grow, so does the tractor-trailer traffic in and around the city. Big rig accidents happen frequently on highways like Interstate 40 and Interstate 274 or even on ordinary roads like Peters Creek Parkway, Marshall Street, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. When a smaller vehicle like a car, SUV, or motorcycle is involved, the results can be devastating. Given the relative size of a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle, a careless trucker’s mistake can easily cause an accident that will forever change an innocent motorist or passenger’s life. Most truckers and trucking companies have liability insurance available to compensate accident victims who are hurt in a commercial vehicle crash. However, receiving a fair settlement can be a difficult task without having a truck accident attorney on your side. The experienced Winston-Salem truck accident lawyers at Maurer Law are here to advocate for your right to compensation.

Bringing a successful negligence claim after a truck accident requires the victim (or the victim’s family if the accident resulted in a fatality) to prove that the defendant breached a legal duty of care owed to the plaintiff and that this breach of duty was the proximate cause of the damages for which the plaintiff seeks compensation. Each of these elements must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence in order for the plaintiff’s case to succeed. While this does not require removing all doubt, it still involves carefully presenting persuasive evidence. Obtaining this evidence can be difficult if the plaintiff does not retain legal counsel soon after the accident.

Why Legal Counsel Matters in Truck Accident Cases

Any motor vehicle accident case has the potential to become much more complicated than it may appear in the beginning, but this is especially true when it comes to truck accidents. One reason for this is that both truck drivers and trucking companies may be held liable in some cases. Sometimes, the cab and the trailer of the 18-wheeler are owned by different entities, and a truck accident attorney can help Winston-Salem residents determine who was responsible for which parts of the vehicle. Other parties, such as a company that negligently loaded a trailer or failed to properly maintain a piece of equipment, may also be potential defendants. There could even be a product liability lawsuit against the maker of the truck, the trailer, or even the injured person’s vehicle. Just discovering the identity of all of the possible parties that might be held liable in a truck accident case can be an arduous task, and that is before the litigation even begins.

Additionally, there may be a multitude of claims and theories of liability in a truck accident lawsuit. The insurance companies of the defendants may be motivated to pin the blame on anyone other than their own insured. They may even accuse the plaintiff of being at fault. Winning a truck accident lawsuit takes a considerable amount of time, attention to detail, and perseverance. A plaintiff should seek the advice of an attorney early in the process so that there is plenty of time to investigate the facts of the case and obtain as much information as possible about the different parties that could potentially be named as defendants.

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At Maurer Law, we have many years of experience representing people who have been hurt in truck accidents, car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and other motor vehicle collisions. We also have prior experience representing the “other side,” which can be valuable in understanding how the system works. Injury attorney Michael Maurer worked as an insurance company defense lawyer before deciding that he gained greater satisfaction from representing people who were in need rather than companies that were trying to protect their bottom line. To schedule a free appointment to discuss your case with a Winston-Salem truck accident attorney, call us at 888-258-1087 or contact us online.

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