Fatal Fayetteville, North Carolina Motor Vehicle Accidents

Representing the Families of Traffic Crash Victims Killed in Cumberland County

Motor Vehicle AccidentsLosing someone you love is extremely difficult and it can be especially traumatic if that person died suddenly in a Fayetteville, NC motor vehicle collision. At Maurer Law, our firm represents family members in recovering the North Carolina wrongful death compensation they are owed from the party or parties responsible.

Led by seasoned Fayetteville, North Carolina motor vehicle crash attorney Mike Maurer, we offer compassionate advocacy, years of legal experience, and an unequivocal commitment to helping loved ones obtain the maximum recovery possible for their Cumberland County wrongful death claim involving:

Car Accidents
Motorcycle Crashes
Pedestrian Accidents
Lyft and Uber Accidents
Truck Crashes
Hit-and-Run Accidents

A Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Who Will Protect You

To succeed with any Fayetteville auto accident claim, proving that the other party was solely liable is paramount, because North Carolina is a “pure contributory negligence” state. This means that the deceased cannot be found to have been even a little at fault in causing the traffic crash that claimed their life.

This is just one reason why you need an experienced injury attorney like Mike Maurer zealously advocating for you. He is a former police detective and ex-defense attorney for insurance companies and knows what it is like to be on both sides of a North Carolina wrongful death case. Attorney Maurer utilizes all that knowledge to the benefit of his clients. This includes defending against the tactics that the liable party’s insurer will likely use to try pinning any blame for the crash on the person who died.

Pursing Justice for Fayetteville Motor Vehicle Crash Victims

We currently represent the families of two victims in unrelated fatal motor vehicle accidents in Cumberland County. The commonality in each case is that the respective at-fault parties were not paying adequate attention while driving. Simple momentary distractions, such as fiddling with the radio or texting while driving, ended up costing the lives of two young men who were husbands, fathers, neighbors, and the friends of many. 

Had both men survived, they would have been entitled to sue for their own injuries. Instead, this right now passes to their spouses and children.

To obtain financial recovery, the survivors of the deceased must prove that the defendant —whether a motorist or another party —either acted or failed to act in such a way that this caused the fatal accident. At Maurer Law, we pursue justice for each victim in a fatal motor vehicle crash case as if it involved our own family member. We don’t just stop with whatever the police report says. We conduct our own investigation and deploy all necessary resources to get to the bottom of “why” the accident occurred. The “why” question is very relevant in determining the egregiousness of the at fault-party’s conduct. The worse the conduct, the more likely it is that punitive damages may be available to compensate the victims’ families for their losses.

The Sooner You File Your Deadly Auto Crash Claim, the Greater the Likelihood of Financial Recovery

Because of North Carolina’s wrongful death statute, grieving loved ones have two years from the date of a victim’s passing to file their claims. This time will go by quickly. The sooner you retain an experienced auto injury attorney in Fayetteville like Mike Maurer who can start building your case right away, the greater the chances of a successful case outcome.

 You may be entitled to wrongful death compensation for your family member’s pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral or cremation bills, lost wages, and other related losses.

Maurer Law is committed to representing those who need our help the most. Over the years, we have acquired a reputation for taking on the difficult cases that many Fayetteville injury law firms are reluctant to work on and we’ve achieved outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Representing Military Families in Fort Bragg

Attorney Maurer also represents the families of military members, veterans, and reservists killed in fatal Fort Bragg motor vehicle accidents. He is familiar with the specific laws and nuances that govern injury and wrongful death claims involving those in the military. Maurer Law will work with family members in achieving the best outcome possible.

We know that no amount of money will give you back your loved one. However, there can be significant emotional relief from obtaining a settlement that is an acknowledgement of your deep loss, holds the responsible party liable, and provides you with much needed financial support.

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